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Journey to Phugtal

Nestled within the rugged landscapes of the Zanskar region in northern India, the Phugtal Monastery, or Phuktal Gompa, stands as a testament to both human resilience and spiritual devotion. This ancient Buddhist monastery, perched dramatically on the cliffs of the Lungnak River gorge, is a hidden gem accessible only through a challenging trek, a journey that becomes as much a pilgrimage as an adventure.

For those seeking to embark on this spiritual odyssey, the journey typically begins in Leh, where acclimatization to the high altitudes of Ladakh is a crucial first step. From Leh, the trail weaves its way to Padum, the largest town in the remote Zanskar region. The trek to Phugtal Monastery commences from Purne, a quaint village that serves as the gateway to this sacred site.

A trekking experience that traverses narrow valleys and demands a delicate balance over precipitous terrains. As trekkers navigate the undulating paths, a serene blue river accompanies their journey, flowing gracefully below from the Purne side. The beauty of the landscape is awe-inspiring, with towering mountains, rugged cliffs, and the ever-present whisper of the Lungnak River creating a surreal backdrop.

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