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Dheeraj Khandelwal

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Born and raised in Chennai, Dheeraj is a travel and landscape photographer from India. An engineer, and an ex-IT employee, who discovered his passion for the art of photography while working in Mumbai. Between learning to observe the world in frames and taking the plunge into professional photography, his journey allowed him to discover different aspects of the art and finally land on his true love, landscapes. 

His passion to capture different terrains has led him to explore the remotest of places around the country and internationally, where going inside a volcano in Iceland, is still his top most experience. His love for visual storytelling allows him to showcase a high level of emotional and visual depth in his pictures and build a unique connection with his viewers. 

Through his art, he wants to inspire viewers to explore the vast canvas of our planet while sending a message of con

As an artist, I use photography as an art form to express my emotions. It has taken me years to develop skills to pre-visualise a photograph. In my opinion, it is the depth in a photograph that has the ability to resonate with a viewer because as humans,  we perceive our world in three dimensions. Using various elements of nature like mist, fog or even light allows me to have additional layers of separation to enhance this perceived depth in my photos.

As my art evolves, my artistic focus has shifted to visual storytelling. The process of creating compelling compositions that encapsulate all the majority aspects of a subject is a time consuming exercise. It's between creating these stories that I feel at home. This allows me to use my art to set off someone's focus or maybe help them to inspire to a new perspective. My love for landscapes comes from having observed closely how beautiful and fragile our world is. 

Each of my fine art images is a product of love and hardwork that goes through a meticulous process over days or weeks and carries a piece of me. My travels have shown that I have an affinity for winterlands. My long-term aspiration is to visit Antarctica to document not just the beautiful snowscapes, and the king penguins but also the receding icebergs that are telling the story of how human life thousands of miles away can still have an impact. Through my art, I want to show people the tangible proof that conservation is not a choice, it is a MUST.

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