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Winter Odyssey

The series Winter Odyssey is a narrative of 40 images put together to portray the purity, grief, and separation of Kashmir, which is usually regarded as paradise on earth. These photographs were taken shortly after the city was released from a long curfew, a tragic period in which individuals were confined to their homes and isolated from the entire world.

The series took two months to curate, with special attention paid to the smallest of details in each shot in order to convey the notion that no matter how attractive a place is, it has a narrative of underlying melancholy.


With all the colors that nature has to offer, Kashmir appears to be a tantalizing dream, yet this series concentrated on white and blue where white signifies nature's purity and blue indicates despair. Color and concept were carefully considered, with each element of the image displaying emotions. The atmosphere in the images depicts the chaos and uncertainty hidden beneath the beauty. Every image tells a tale through its tones, by showing the shift from the color of uncertainty to the color of hope.


This color of hope closes the series on an optimistic note suggesting that even after the darkest of circumstances, there will always be a new ray of hope.

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