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Dheeraj's quest to capture diverse terrains has taken him to the remotest corners, including the unforgettable experience of venturing inside an Icelandic volcano. His art tells stories, weaving emotional and visual depth into each frame, forging a unique connection with viewers.

Through his lens, Dheeraj aims to inspire others to explore the vast canvas of our planet while championing the message of conservation. His work has been featured internationally, gracing renowned platforms such as National Geographic, LIFE magazine, Times Square, Tokyo, Nat-Geo in Kuwait and Rome, and the Tourism of India. A Condé Nast Traveller-acclaimed artist. Embark on a visual journey with Dheeraj, where each photograph narrates a unique tale of our planet's beauty.

Check his Internationally exhibited Travel Photographs and Prints

When capturing architectural structures, my process begins with a comprehensive understanding of the architect's design intent. Subsequently, I employ my unique vision to imbue the resulting photographs . Architectural photography, in essence, serves as a meticulously honed craft, dedicated to unveiling the inherent soul embedded within the design.

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